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Welcome to HopSpain! We are very happy to be able to launch this project, and to be able to offer this opportunity to the world. At HopSpain, we offer a unique and once in a lifetime experience, for the integral and professional formation of people.

HopSpain is the easiest way to find YOUR ideal job and offers a unique experience abroad. At HopSpain you can find where to work in your field of interest abroad. We connect people with the optimal jobs for them, so they can become great professionals.

Sometimes arriving in a foreign country can be confusing if you don’t have the right guidance. Let HopSpain help you with the move to Europe to make it more manageable, get your paperwork in order and we’ll take care of the rest!

We also have career advice and candidate resources! We know that finding the ideal job is not easy. That’s why we offer guidance and advice when it comes to finding your place in the world of work, matching your skills, hobbies, and recommended fields. We will help you learn from the best companies, so that you will be the perfect candidate in your next interview.

HopSpain is the point of support for companies and people wanting to live a unique experience. Spain is one of the most interesting destinations to learn a profession, practice Spanish and work while enjoying good food and unparalleled cultural festivals.

HopSpain unique experience in Spain is the complete service to companies and candidates. We make life easier for all parties; helping both the company and the future worker to focus their career to have a successful experience in Spain.

We have everything ready to start and we are ready to eat the world. We make a difference in your job, start enjoying the routine with the help of HopSpain!

Check out our list of jobs and positions in «Hot Listings».

Let’s go professionals! Let’s go HopSpain!