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Many people think that the only advantages of working abroad are a higher salary and a higher standard of living. But gaining international experience can be much more beneficial than people think. Moreover, living in a foreign country is an experience that is increasingly valued in our background, and HopSpain wants to promote this opportunity. According to the European Commission, these are the most outstanding common advantages for people who have lived and worked experience in a foreign country:

  •  Improved self-esteem.

This new stage milestone entails a series of challenges; from finding accommodation to learning how to use the local public transport. However, once each of these challenges are overcome, the sense of satisfaction is worth it, and new skills are acquired to be able to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

  •  New life skills

People have a tendency to retreat into a comfort zone, which is sometimes difficult to get out of. When you become independent, you discover many skills that you had never put into practice before, for example, cooking or keeping track of monthly expenses.

  •  New perspective on life

The change of environment also involves an adaptation to the environment and lifestyle you had before. For example, the change from living in the city to living in the country or in the suburbs. This allows you to get to know other mentalities and approaches to life that can help you enrich and broaden your own version of the world. It is also a way to establish your personal values.

  •  Improved communication skills

Living abroad forces you to build new social and professional circles. For introverts, this can be one of the biggest challenges, but for extroverts, it is a joy pleasure and one of the most relevant factors of the experience. It is the best way to perfect your communication skills, which are not only useful in your personal life, but are also highly valued in the working world.

  • Improving foreign language skills

No matter how many courses you take or how many apps you download on your device to learn languages, the best way to learn is with the experience of being in a situation constantly. Immersion is the most useful strategy when it comes to improving both your listening and speaking skills in the language.

  • Advantage over other job applicants

As we mentioned at the beginning, having international experience on your CV will always be a plus. It demonstrates skills such as adaptability, motivation, and determination. It presents a great advantage over those who have not had a foreign experience in the application. The skills acquired in this experience are highly valued by companies.

  • Expand your professional network

Finally, the social act implies a greater number of acquaintances, which can be an opportunity for business and collaboration. The power of a well-developed professional network should not be underestimated. Nowadays, many job offers are not publicly exposed, but are covered by recommendations and contacts. Therefore, you should establish good professional relationships with the new contacts you meet during your experience. There is no telling where your next job offer may come from.

These are just some of the advantages of working abroad, but there are many others, which also improve the quality of life. The disadvantages of such an experience are few, compared to all the positive contributions that leave a mark on our work history. The world is waiting for you!